About us

Our Awesome Company

Goodfellow Antiques has been exporting English Antiques to the US & Canada for over 50 years and We are the UK's Most Impressive Exporter of Engish Antiques to the US & Canada. Our Antiques are from House Clearences carried out in the UK and are hand picked for their quality and genuine status.

Goodfellow Antiques are located in North Wales surrounded by stunning secenery. The business is managed by Garry Goodfellow, a US Citizen who settled in the UK over 50 years ago. His Knowledge and expertise of English Antiques is second to none and he is incredibly passionate about exporting outstanding antiques to his many clients.

Export of Quality Antiques

Antiques that are selected for their high quality and status from English Homes.

Exceptional Delivery Network

Delivered directly to your door by shipping container that you can track every step of the way.

Friendly Advice & Service

We don't just sell and export antiques. We provide expert advice and support and the best possible service.

Highly Experienced Staff

With over 50 years of successfully exporting antiques.